Kevin Long

The Power of Authority: And the Way to Achieve it

Do You Want the Authority That We All Crave For? Are You Looking to Stand Out From Your Competitors? Well Now You Can!

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Business In A Box: Start Your Own Online Publishing Business Today

This book will help you help others to become bestselling authors, instead of unpublished writers...

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Start Your Own Online Business From Scratch In 5 Days

Build your business on solid foundations with this tried and tested blueprint for success because it saves you trying to work it out yourself.

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Affiliate Marketing in 7 Easy Steps

If you're an internet marketer who wants to know the secrets of affiliate marketing , making money online, and working from home, then you're about to discover...

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Why Writing a Book Can Explode Your Profits

Imagine confidently walking into a room with 200 of your competitors and 200 potential clients knowing without a doubt you will be The One the clients choose.

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I entered the Kindle arena in early 2009 and became full time in January 2011, and took on my first paying customers. I incorporated my new company on January 17th, 2014. Since then I have published 303 different titles in mainly non-fiction niches for my clients, every one has become bestsellers with 300 becoming multiple #1 bestsellers. I have published for professional business people like CPA's to international public speakers, Internet Marketers, Product Developers and stay at home Moms and Dad's.