Debrah Mowlem

I Wonder: The High School Years

Having lived in the village (Read..I Wonder,The Village Years) all her life, this book sees the transition from the village life to the city life for a teenage girl. The difference between the small village school and the big city 'Group A' school. Her adaptation to the different lifestyle and how both the lives intertwine, to mould her into the woman she became in the upcoming third book,I Wonder, The Adult Years.

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I Wonder: The Adult Years

This is the Author's third book of the I Wonder series. The Village Years being the first and The High School Years being the second. This third book follows the village girl as she moved to the UK. This was a new country, different livelihood,and different customs. This is where she also re-married and had two more daughters.

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Think Success: The Road to Successful Entrepreneurship and Financial Freedom

This book will help you choose the path that will get you great success in your life. Whether you are employed, a stay at home parent, or just stuck in the day to day humdrum of life. Reading this book will open up your long forgotten dreams, and light your fire... It is written by any everyday woman, who has been there, a single mother who turned it all around.

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I Wonder: The Village Years

This book is about life in an African village seen from the eyes of a little girl. Some of the very controversial customs she witnessed, and became a part of, and the quality of living, including schooling. Its not a sad 'ah, poor thing.' book, but a funny outlook on an unprivileged life. The changes in customs from village to city, from little girl to woman.

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